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As part of the ERN GENTURIS e-training programme, each of our webinars provides either a general overview of a genturis-related topic or an in-depth look at one of the genturis diseases from a specific healthcare perspective. An important goal of our webinar series is to cover each genturis from several perspectives in order to create a comprehensive overview of the currently available knowledge for every genturis.

All our webinars include at least one speaker that is a member of ERN GENTURIS. The target audience for the webinars consists of clinicians, genetic counsellors, clinical scientists and other genetics health professionals. The webinars last approximately 30-40 minutes, and viewers have the opportunity to send questions on the subject area which will be addressed in a question & answer session afterwards. Webinars are usually held on Wednesday afternoons.

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25-09-2024 16:00-17:00 CEST  Marianne Geilswijk ERN GENTURIS guideline on Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome diagnosis, surveillance and management   register
 23-10-2024 16:00-17:00 CEST  Tjoung-Won Simon-Park Adjuvant therapy options for hereditary breast cancer  pending

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24-04-2024 Maria Haanpää Variant interpretation and classification in cancer genes – Zipper model  view
13-03-2024 Verena Steinke-Lange Hereditary tumour syndromes for gastroenterologists  view
11-10-2023 Bev Speight Haematological malignancies – a genetic counselling perspective  view
24-05-2023 Rolf Sijmons Liquid biopsy: the future of surveillance in individuals with inherited cancer predisposition?  view
26-04-2023 Marc Tischkowitz and Judith Balmaña Mainstreaming – method or madness?  view
08-03-2023 Richarda de Voer Genetics of (new) colorectal cancer & polyposis syndromes  view
25-01-2023 Stefan Aretz Genetics 30 years after the discovery of APC  view
14-12-2022 Evelin Schröck Precision Oncology – conclusions for human genetics and genetic tumor risk syndromes  view
23-11-2022 Ann Nordgren Childhood cancer and genetic tumour risk syndromes – the geneticist's perspective  view
05-10-2022 Maurizio Genuardi The process of variant classification and its implications for clinical management  view
08-06-2022 Rolf Sijmons Practical use of gene panels in the diagnostics of suspected hereditary cancer predisposition  view
20-04-2022 Ariane Weinman, Claas Röhl, Tamara Hussong Milagre How EURORDIS and other patient organisations collaborate with the ERN GENTURIS  view
06-04-2022 Stefan Aretz How to identify families with tumour risk syndromes  view
24-11-2021 Stefan Aretz Somatic Mosaicism in Tumour Genetics  view
29-09-2021 Katharina Wimmer Replication Error Repair defects in cancer and cancer predisposition  view
15-09-2021 Nicoline Hoogerbrugge ERN GENTURIS: The EU highway for these rare diseases  view
16-06-2021 Svetlana Lagercrantz Risk reducing measures in Cancer Risk syndromes  view
24-02-2021 Ignacio Blanco Guillermo Cancer genetic counseling and previvorship in an era of rapid change  view
27-01-2021 Kathleen Claes Variants identified in tumors can be germline – when to refer for germline testing  view
17-06-2020 Marjolijn Ligtenberg The Genetic Basis of Cancer  view
15-04-2020 Maurizio Genuardi The heritability of cancer  view


Thematic group 1: Neurofibromatosis

07-06-2023 Gareth Evans New ERN GENTURIS NF1 guidelines and update on NF2 and SCHWN nomenclature  view
27-01-2022 Sirkku Peltonen & Pierre Wolkenstein Cutaneous neurofibromas  view
07-12-2021 Eric Legius Legius syndrome and its link with Neurofibromatosis type 1  view
10-11-2021 Rianne Oostenbrink NF1 from the pediatric perspective  view
28-10-2020 Gareth Evans Neurocutaneous tumour syndromes  view


Thematic group 4: Other rare genturis

24-06-2024 Barbara Perić Familal malignant melanoma - the surgeon’s perspective  view
27-03-2024 Thomas van Overeem Hansen TP53 variant classification  view
28-02-2024 Remco van Doorn Familial malignant melanoma - the dermatologist's perspective  view
14-02-2024 Nicoline Hoogerbrugge PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome (PHTS, Cowden syndrome): update on cancer risks and yield of surveillance  view
06-12-2023 Eamonn Maher Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer  view
22-11-2023 Carla Oliveira CTNNA1 germline variants: genotype-phenotype associations  view
22-06-2023 Marieke de Laat von Hippel-Lindau disease - the endocrinologist’s perspective  view
06-02-2023 Chella van der Post Hereditary gastrointestinal cancer – the pathologist's perspective  view
24-05-2022 Fátima Carneiro Pathology of CDH1-related diffuse gastric cancer  view
09-03-2022 Karin Wadt Genetic predisposition to melanoma  view
21-10-2021 Jolanda Schieving PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome in childhood  view
26-05-2021 Chrystelle Colas Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency (CMMRD) Syndrome  view
11-05-2021 Tanya Bisseling A personal history about hereditary diffuse gastric cancer  view
31-03-2021 Yvonne Brandberg Psychological aspects on the TP53 related cancer syndromes  view
17-03-2021 Eamonn Maher Von Hippel-Lindau disease: from clinic to gene and back  view
09-12-2020 Nicoline Hoogerbrugge Recognising PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome for early cancer detection  view
25-11-2020 Carla Oliveira Hereditary Gastric Cancer  view
11-11-2020 Evelin Schröck Pheochromocytoma/ paraganglioma – benefit of combined germline and tumour testing for PPGL patients  view
14-10-2020 Thierry Frebourg Li-Fraumeni and heritable TP53-related cancer syndromes  view

** A recording of each webinar will be made available within a week after broadcast. Please pay attention to the technical requirements provided with the access link. In case of access problems related to hospital firewalls, please use your private PC and internet connection.


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