Risk-reducing measures in Cancer Risk Syndromes

07_SvetlanaLagercrantz.jpgSvetlana Bajalica Lagercrantz is Associate Professor in Medical Genetics and Senior Consultant in Oncology and in Clinical Genetics, and the Head of the Cancer Genetic Unit at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. She is also the Swedish coordinator of the ERN GENTURIS and a process leader of Hereditary Cancer within the Regional Cancer Center in Stockholm. Her research Team at Karolinska Institutet has the overall aim to achieve improved clinical handling of Hereditary Cancer with a specific focus on breast cancer and hereditary TP53 related Cancer syndrome in aspects of prediction, surveillance and prevention.

Patients with a Hereditary Cancer Syndrome are offered personalized surveillance and prevention programs. An important aspect of primary prevention of tumour development is surgical interventions with removal of risk organs but also, when available, medical prevention. Removal of healthy organs in healthy individuals is a challenge for both patients and healthcare professionals. Since risk reducing surgeries are irreversible, the decision-making process considering the individuals pros and cons need to be well regarded. It must also be related to the possibility of curing the specific cancer type, not only to the risk of developing a tumour. This webinar will focus on differential approach in different cancer syndromes in terms of clinical use, consequences and evidence for survival and quality of life.

NB this webinar was rescheduled from 9 to 16 June