Referring a patient

How to refer a patient to ERN GENTURIS

  • Your hospital must be located in an EU or EEA Member State

  • You must be willing to obtain full informed consent from the patient to share their data using the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) - you will have to use the CPMS Informed Consent Form (downloadable from the CPMS in all languages).

  • You can either:
    request a CPMS guest user account for a short time period to access the system, in which case you must be willing to invest some time to apply for the account and to upload the patients’ medical information, including any relevant imaging into CPMS in order for their case to be discussed by our panel of experts


    you download our Expert Advice Request Form, fill it in, and send it to your nearest ERN GENTURIS HCP contact (if your country does not have a healthcare provider within ERN GENTURIS, contact an ERN GENTURIS HCP in a country near to yours).

    The HCP contact will decide if the patient will be enrolled in the CPMS for further consultation of ERN GENTURIS members, or if your query can be answered by the HCP itself.

  • After your patient has been discussed in the CPMS, you will receive an ERN Outcome Report document from our panel of experts with highly specialised advice on diagnosis or treatment of the patient concerned, based upon the latest current available scientific knowledge.

  • You understand that ERN GENTURIS can only provide expert highly specialised multi-disciplinary advice – all legal liability and responsibility for the patient rests, as it has always done, with the clinician and healthcare provider treating the patient where the patient lives.