Prevention of ovarian cancer

GENTURIS_webinars_20220622 - JH - foto Joanne de Hullu_cropped 150x150.jpgDr. Joanne de Hullu is a gynecologic oncologist at the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the Radboud University Medical Center. As a clinician, she is active in optimizing the care for patients with a gynecologic malignancy. As a researcher, she is focusing on personalized care and the prevention of cancer.

She is the principal investigator of several clinical studies that investigate the prevention of ovarian cancer in the general population, and in high risk women: STOPOVCA (STOP Ovarian Cancer), TUBA study and TUBA-WISP II study.

In this webinar, she will pay attention to the oncogenesis of ovarian cancer and the options to prevent this “silent lady killer”.