Haematological malignancies – a genetic counselling perspective

Bev Speight is a genetic counsellor at the East Anglian Medical Genetics service at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, UK. Her specialist interest and lead role is in cancer genetics. She is registered with the Academy for Healthcare Science as well being a council member and Honorary Treasurer for the UK Cancer Genetics Group.

In this webinar, Bev Speight will present the UK best practice guidelines regarding germline predisposition to haematological malignancies. These guidelines were the result of collaboration and a two-day workshop held in 2022 by the UK Cancer Genetics Group, CanGene-CanVar and the NHS England Haematological Oncology Working Group. The role of multi-disciplinary working across genetics and haematology will be discussed, as well as a series of case examples to highlight issues around consent, family communication and some of the broader genetic counselling challenges.